About Me
A stupid girl with glasses.

"They say true love comes and goes
That when you let go love will come back
But if doesnt then it was never true love
Love every second of everyday I wait for you to come back
I convince myself that you are true love and you will come back one day"


I come out here sometimes
When I miss the sound of your voice
Or when the day has gone on
Just an hour too long

I think about how you
Used to love the sight of the moon
Reflected onto the quay
How it made you smile

Sometimes I forget what
You looked like when you were happy
And I hate myself for that
Ten years gone too fast

So I come here sometimes
It’s where we spent our best nights
Before you just stopped smiling and -
Were taken away.


"How to mend your broken heart.
- Take walks along the beach or through the park. Smell the air, close your eyes, remember the world is still beneath your feet.
- Dance. Whilst your cleaning, washing dishes, driving to work, walking to school. Feel your body move to the beat of the music and smile because it’s natural.
- Experience being alone. Read in a coffee shop for an afternoon, go swimming alone, go shopping by yourself and realise it isn’t scary.
- Exercise. Get those endorphins flowing- jog for half an hour, do some Zumba in your living room, join an aerobics class. Keep your body healthy.
- Move on. Get a shoebox and put all of their letters and books and bobby pins they left behind and put it in the bin. Cover those empty spaces with handwritten notes with motivational quotes or your favourite comics.
- Love yourself first. You are the one that is constant, they were temporary. And it hurts and it aches but it is time to pull your body up and smile because you’re still here."

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